BCI Solutions has ample experiences spanning over thirteen years in the two-way military radio communications, mission-critical army facilities, and public safety systems. Our product lines allow us to equip clients with the state of the art, customized communications technology and services. Communications technology and services.

As the sole Motorola application partner in the Middle East, BCI Solutions is investing heavily in technology research and development (R&D), to reap and disseminate benefit based on innovation.

Radio System & Solutions

  • Portable Two-Way Radios
  • Mobile Two-Way Radios
  • Base Stations and Repeaters
  • Radio Dispatches and Operation Rooms
  • GPS & AVL Systems
  • Parts & Accessories
  • Tetra Solutions
  • Tower Construction
  • Antenna Site Management
  • Communication Site Preparation
  • Site Leasing

Our Networking Solutions include:

  • Mobile and Fixed Data
  • High Bandwidth Data Leasing
  • WWAN & WLAN Systems
  • High Speed Broadband Connections
  • Microwave Links
  • Fiber Optics