Company overview

BCI Group is the leading edge of connectivity. We provide wireless mobility and engineer integrative ICT solutions that fit every sector and industry.

BCI Group is the leading edge of connectivity. We provide wireless mobility and engineer integrative ICT solutions that fit every sector and industry.

Our company is passionate about the future. Since beginning operations in Ramallah in 1995, BCI Group has helped transform communication throughout the MENA region. We are innovative problem solvers, deploying next-generation technology through both our BCI Solutions and BCI Mobile divisions.

As BCI Group expands into new markets, we will continue to build on this legacy of expertise and set the standard for keeping individuals and organizations connected. Our dedication to partnering with only the most advanced and respected names in telecommunication, information, security, and infrastructure ensures that we offer seamless ways of integrating into an increasingly complex world.

The face of technology may change, but our guiding values remain the same. BCI Group’s driving goal has always been to surpass expectations. Our belief is that excellent service starts with working to fully understand the needs of clients and customers. Alongside an unrivaled breadth of capabilities, this commitment to professionalism is what distinguishes BCI Group as a trusted provider of integration, ICT/ELV systems, infrastructural management, and the latest in mobile applications and devices.

As the regional leader in infrastructure and systems integration, BCI Solutions equips organizations with the tools and resources they need to rise to any challenge. Leveraging advanced technologies has enabled BCI Solutions to expand its capacities and deliver turnkey projects for clients of all sizes, sectors, and industries. Over the years, we have serviced a diverse portfolio of organizations throughout Palestine, Jordan, and now The United Arab Emirates.

Planning the most agile and effective solutions starts from an understanding of each organization’s unique operational requirements and business goals. We deliver enhanced functionality and efficiency across wireless networks, radio and telecommunications, physical and information security, audio/visual technology, building management services, metering systems, unified communication systems, and more.

On behalf of the entire BCI Group, we welcome the opportunity to work hand in hand with you and to personally demonstrate our philosophy and values.

Our Mission

Through constant innovation and trusted service, we aim to deliver the highest value to our customers and clients. Our mission is to become the partner of choice for consumers, governments, and both private and public enterprises.

Our Vision

We seek to build on our distinction of leadership in connectivity, mobility, and security. Our vision is to play an active role in the development of human resources, knowledge, and skills across the MENA region and beyond.

Our values

  • Honesty and Integrity

    We have always believed in combining creativity and advancement with integrity and credibility. We hold our staff members and our clients with utmost appreciation, respect and responsibility, as we build bridges of well-earned trust and confidence in what we do.

  • Creativity and Innovation

    Ingenuity is one of our guiding principles. Jointly, with our innovative and advanced partners, our highly experienced, motivated and proactive team is delivering state-of-the-art practical solutions, guided by cutting-edge vision.

  • Unmatched Customer Services

    Quality service has always been our top priority, we promptly and efficiently address our clients’ individualized needs, and solve their problems, based on utmost transparency and openness in communications.

  • Total Quality Management

    Through a philosophy of getting it right the first time, we achieved superior track records through perseverance to promote continuous advancement, improvement and quality assurance. This has always been an embedded and integral part of our work strategies and vision. This perseverance gained BCI easy access and ownership of international qualifications and certifications.

  • Social Responsibility

    Being a regional business leader means reaching out within our responsibilities to our communities, in as much eagerness and resilience as we do reach out to our customers. We are providing learning opportunities to make a difference in people’s lives, because we value the social impact of education.

BCI Solutions

We, at BCI Solutions have always risen up to any challenge, supported by our sound infrastructure and system integration.

It is our leveraging of advanced technologies that has enabled us, at BCI Solutions to deliver turn-key projects to our clients in all industries, hence the ability to service a diverse portfolio of organizations throughout the MENA region.

BCI is covering wireless networks, radio, telecommunications, physical and information security, safety, audio/visual, building management, metering and unified communication systems.

We Design

Our services vary within a clientele-based spectrum of addressing the needs, most prominently of which is our design work services, this ranges from “Concept Design” to “Front End Engineering Design – FEED” that help our customers throughout their tendering processes, in addition to consultancy services and basic and detailed engineering designs.

We Implement

We believe in quality and hold to heart our commitment to implement based on sound projects management and cross-cutting practices; this covers planning, risks management and communications platforms – to name a few, as key ingredients to continued success and achieving quality.
We are therefore ensuring that the appropriate resources are being allocated, rationalized and adapted to clients’ timelines and critical path activities.

We Support

Support and cooperation go a long way. We are providing different levels of support to our customers to meet all their requirements, through respective service-level agreements which are carried out by our experienced engineers. This includes: telephone support, remote login, on-site support, preventive and
Periodic maintenance, product repair calibration and 24/7 support.

BCI Mobile

BCI Mobile is an authorized Samsung mobile distributor in Palestine, Jordan and Iraq that offers mobile phones and tablets in the region’s growing commercial mobile markets.

BCI Mobile is developed to satisfy consumers’ demands for ease of accessibility through sophisticated and cost effective mobile experiences, based on greater flexibility, convenience and connectivity availed to both individuals and organizations. Our partnership with Samsung Mobile has enhanced this experience pulling our track records into new global heights in the world of innovation, telecommunications and mobile devices.

We operate 31 showrooms and service centers in Palestine, Jordan and Iraq, through which, our consumers may choose from an array of Samsung’s most advanced mobile devices, handsets, software applications and complementary services.


Bnet was established in 2010 by BCI Group as its data communications and Internet arm.

BNet is a quality Internet Service Provider, providing a wide variety of broadband & Internet services in the Palestinian market. Bnet’s portfolio includes narrow-band and broadband Internet access services, managed dedicated Internet access services, IP VPN connectivity services, and global connectivity services.

Bnet’s services portfolio is built to cover the communications needs of all consumers, small and medium enterprises, and large corporations, aiming to cater for everybody’s online needs with quality and stability.