BCI Sponsors Footballer Fadi Lafi Retirement Game

BCI Group announced its sponsorship for the retirement game of Fadi Lafi that was held as part of Al Wehdat team against the Arab stars team at  King Abdullah II stadium.


Many Arab football stars took part in this game including: Mohammad Abu Treika from Egypt, Younes Mahmoud from Iraq, Bashar Abdullah from Kuwait, Mohammad Nour from KSA, and many Jordanian and Palestinian footballers.


BCI’s sponsorship for the retirement game stems from the company’s belief in supporting the various sports events and athletes and to celebrate their success.


Mr. Fadi Baransi, CEO of BCI Mobile Group commented by saying: “We are proud to be part of Fadi Lafi’s retirement game celebration, and we hope that it is something up to his career that is filled with achievements with the different prestigious football clubs he played with”.


Fadi Lafi from his side thanked the organizers saying: “I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who took part in this game, it’s a very dear occasion for me to share with fellow Arab players, as I end my career on the field”.


It’s noteworthy to mention that Fadi Lafi is one of the best professional players in Jordan, where he played for Al-Wahdat, Al-Faisali, Shabab Al Ordon, and had several experiences in the GCC.