What we can do

Listening is our strong ‘suit’ and not all ‘hands’ are the same. We understand that your specific needs are not always met by a one-size-fits-all solution. At BCI Solutions, we take the time to appreciate the full scope of both organizational and user requirements, aimed at satisfying clients’ needs.

Audiovisual Technologies

BCI Solutions is able to provide an array of cutting edge audiovisual technologies and services, including sound, video, lighting, display, and projection systems. All our products deliver the ultimate communications experience to maximize the Sustainable efficiency and productivity

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BCI Solutions has ample experiences spanning over thirteen years in the two-way military radio communications, mission-critical army facilities, and public safety systems. Our product lines allow us to equip clients with the state of the art, customized communications technology and services. Communications technology and services.

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Seamless Building Management

Cutting costs, reducing maintenance time, and improving energy efficiency is easy with a fully integrated building management system (BMS).

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In BCI, the network solutions division is divided into two sections; passive and active. Passive section mainly is entitled for structured cabling solutions while Active section is mainly entitled for LAN, WAN, Wireless and security solutions.

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Physical security

In a world witnessing accelerated developments, comes challenges and uncertainties, hence protecting people and assets has become a foremost priority. We employ high-end technologies in physical security services focusing on sector-specific products, and pride ourselves with an impressive and specialized portfolio of top security brands and system solutions. This allows us to address all needs, concerns, render comprehensive and customized security solutions to facilities of any size or sector, deliver physical Infrastructure that supports your operation towards smoother processes within a secure and controlled frameworks.

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Unified Communications

Today’s workforce is being replaced by a digitally-savvy generation this is accustomed to the idea of being plugged in at all times.

Real-time communication and information-sharing have become the status quo for doing business. Consequently, business communications have both radically accelerated and increased in complexity. Immediate forms of contact, such as instant messaging systems and mobile text messaging, are replacing landlines and traditional voicemail messaging systems. The technology of today is immediate and powerful, allowing instantaneous transfer of information across global markets.

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