BCI Staff

We recognize that our employees are our greatest asset; enhancing their abilities augments our ability to deliver on our promises and achieve our business goals.

Our credentials are woven around integrity, knowledge, skills-sets, competencies, diversity and deployed work teams region-wide. We strive to attract and retain the best of talents, where commitment and performance are rewarded, within enabling environments.

BCI is based on core principles and values. We believe in equal opportunities for our employees; we empower and endorse individuals and their respective achievements, so do us for collective excellence through continuous teaching and learning, professional personal development and project

Management training. Our technical sales staff get certified and accredited from the many multi-national companies we represent.

This has rendered a powerful BCI team – among the best in the industry that will understand your needs, localize your solutions, and design turn-key solutions with end-to-end integration. A team that will notdeter from working hand-in-hand to reach optimal system levels, unleashing your potential to reach next levels of profit-making.