BCI Group Celebrates Pink October

In a global effort to raise awareness on breast cancer, October has been designated as the Pink Month, and with the aim to educate about the disease, including early detection and adopting healthy lifestyle, BCI will dedicate its efforts during this month to support this cause through a number of activities.


And as part of its commitment towards the local communities to increase awareness, BCI Group created a series of pink initiatives, starting with illuminating the façade of its main building in Mecca St. in Pink throughout October, to switching the company’s logo to Pink on its social media platforms in addition to creating pink bags all as part of the visual identity throughout the month. Additionally, BCI employees will be wearing dedicated T-shirts with KHCC logo in both white and pink, adorned with the iconic pink ribbon.  


And to help customers take part in this initiative, enabling them to support King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC); the leading institution in treating cancer in Jordan and the Middle East, BCI will donate 3% of its showrooms sales in Jordan and Palestine during October for the benefit of KHCC, not to mention empowering customers to donate 1 JOD or more at any BCI showroom in Jordan, its noteworthy to mention that BCI is present also in UAE, Iraq and Palestine.   


Mr. Fadi Baransi, CEO of BCI Mobile Group commented by saying: “Within BCI Group’s CSR strategy, we continuously strive to be a part of the local community and support local initiatives, and through a series of activities that will be organized by the company, we are certain that we will lead a remarkable campaign to increase awareness about breast cancer”,


“We believe in partnerships, and that combined efforts of individuals and institutions will create impactful results, and any support regardless of its size, is important to support the efforts of national institutions such as the King Hussein Cancer Center, as we are proud of all its efforts to raise awareness and finding ways to prevent and treat this disease”, he added.