BCI Participates in Expotech Technology Week 2019

Stemming from its role to support technology and entrepreneurship, BCI Group sponsored the 16th Expotech Technology Week2019 that was titled “The Rise of FinTech and Blockchain”.


In this year’s edition, BCI Group is the creativity and innovation sponsor, as its comes from the company’s belief in the importance of technology events and their role in enhancing the ICT sector, where BCI is a strategic partner for The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies (PITA) since the launch of the Palestinian technology week.


Mr. Tamer Baransi, Commercial Director at BCI Palestine commented in his note during Expotech 2019 opening ceremony by saying: “BCI is proud to continue its support for this special tech event in its 16th edition, as it became a main event to support the ICT industry in Palestine with the latest technologies it offers, and at BCI we are keen to offer the smart solutions and to house the best human capital to offer the latest trends in the tech industry in Palestine.”


He also pointed out the role that technology plays in improving daily life and creating solutions through tech innovation that contribute in the economy growth as a whole and the knowledge economy in particular, Where Expotech discussed this year the FinTech revolution and its contribution in the economy’s development, pointing that finding smart solutions in the financial sectors and trading has become an important matter that must be applied in order to support and strengthen the local economy.