Seamless Building Management

Cutting costs, reducing maintenance time, and improving energy efficiency is easy with a fully integrated building management system (BMS).

BCI Solutions have partnered with leading worldwide BMS manufacturers to:

  • Design simplified options for the control, operation, and Monitoring of HVAC and other services.
  • Provision of equipment that ensures safe and comfortable Work environment.
  • BMS integration allows you to program and manage equipment around daily, weekly, holiday, and event-based schedules for optimized efficiency. This is ideal for lightening control and ventilation, etc…
  • Remote connectivity feature.

BCI Solutions maximizes economy by integrating your facility’s key systems architecture across three levels of control:

  • Centralized and secure workstation for daily operations
  • Programmable, microprocessor-based DDC controller panels.
  • Various field devices.

Precision Metering:

BCI Solutions empower organizations to remotely read, visualize, and evaluate a wide range of energy data collected from field equipment.

Our metering systems provide powerful data management and archiving services. We provide automatic metering technology capable of M-Bus, fixed radio network, walk-by, and drive-by readings. Metering systems can also be fully integrated with your BMS, giving you optimal centralized control and building automation.

Our design can cover full product range of water meters (Mechanical, ultrasonic, and magnetic), energy meters (BTU), electricity meters, and gas meters. Combining radio and wired M-Bus system management into one easy-to-use software, BCI Solutions gives you the tool of customizing metering applications to suit your organizational needs. We utilize the most advanced software, so that you can monitor consumption, flow, and status, as well as edit and control data visualization.

BCI Solution offers:

  • Convenient billing system software and billing systems
  • Allows operators to set requirements and import meterdata to generate consumption bills
  • Remote connectivity features.
  • Metering and flow data analysis, etc…